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Group Policy Settings Excel update

I am sure some of you are already playing with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Microsoft Download has an updated Excel spreadsheet of the well-known Group Policy Settings Excel – it contains Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 beta settings: The Azure-based online search tool Group Policy Search has not been updated [...]

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Setting ‘Block Inheritance’ on the domain level? WTF!?

Hey ho – long time no hear. I won’t make any promises any more and just go on with the blog posting :-) I got an email from a fellow AD/GPO/Exchange big brain (where “fellow” relates to AD/GPO, I am no Exchange big brain). He was sending a screenshot of GPMC with essentially the following [...]

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Cross-Forest Group Policy application

After a couple of weeks without new postings on the blog, here goes a Windows and Group Policy behavior that I have been discussing with a customer lately. This is all about Group Policy application when considering a cross-forest logon. Thinking about Group Policy application, under “well-known”, normal circumstances, both the user and the computer [...]

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