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ADFS Capacity Planning Spreadsheet updated for Windows Server 2016

Good news! The ADFS Capacity Planning Spreadsheet most of us are familiar with, has been updated to reflect Windows Server 2016 numbers and scaling. While the “old” spreadsheet was still “OK” for Windows Server 2012 R2, apparently there are a number of changes in Windows Server 2016′s ADFS that warranted for an updated version. Nice! [...]

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Extranet Lockout in ADFS 2016–require PDC

You know in ADFS on Windows Server 2012 R2, when you enable the “Extranet Lockout” feature for Web Application Proxies and a user’s password is verified, the PDC emulator for the authoritative domain is contacted, to verify it? Lu Zhao blogged about this in her blog: In essence, in order to determine whether to [...]

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One of the things that I keep discussing with customers is whether they should create their ADFS farm with a WID backend or based on SQL server. It appears that from Microsoft’s perspective, reading up on TechNet, SQL is “the proper” thing. What you usually do is look at the requirements at hand and then [...]

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