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Change in Supportability for WID-based ADFS farms

In case you didn’t notice, Microsoft changed the Supportability statement around ADFS farms that run on a Windows Internal Database (WID) backend. Previously, WID-based ADFS farms were limited in support for the amount of ADFS servers you could run and the maximum number of Relying Parties you could register. A maximum of 5 ADFS Servers, [...]

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Domain Names to use with Azure Active Directory

I surfed across to the TechNet Forums again to see what they are up to these days and found the Azure AD forum. I haven’t been active in the Forums for quite some time, but finally found some time to post there again. One of the questions caught me by surprise. I know that all [...]

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Now there is support for Windows Server 2012 and WMWare VSphere 5.1

It’ll only say it was about time. Took them 12 months to file the Submission to SVVP:

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