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Server 2008+: System State Backup vs. All Critical Backup!?

If you’ve asked yourself this very question then there’s a great blog posting by Jose Barreto over at the file cabinet: I think there’s nothing to add as the article clears all questions that might arise. I just wanted you guys to notice – worth marking and referring customers to.

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How’s user authentication working in a site with a RODC?

So you’re going to deploy an RODC in your branch office to have your users log on there. Are you aware of the process that actually authenticates users on a RODC? When connectivity between the branch and the hub office is needed? First off, having users authenticate to the machines is not all you need. [...]

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Ladies (if there are ladies reading my blog, let me know) and Gentlemen, probably a rather uninteresting story for you, but I’d like to announce that my home testingĂ‚ forest I use to test drive and test configure almost on a daily basis for blog postings and writings is now officially in Server 2008 forest [...]

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