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Try Next Closest Site-setting for Vista and Server 2008

[update - 20 minutes later...] Okay, I’m not trying to be Mr. Smart-Pants here, I’ll just admit it: that feature that went past me without the slightest notice. Seriously. Or I read up on that and just completely I forgot about it. I have notes about this. D’oh! Anywho, I’m creating this posting now so [...]

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Why isn’t my GPO change replicating?

This is an article I found on Brian Puhl’s weblog. There’s an issue you may encounter when creating/changing a GP on a site with a RODC:Â Â The main point is: Changing/Creating GP doesn’t work on a RODC. The changes that are made in the directory (remember, a GP consists of AD-data and SYSVOL [...]

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Windows 7 and the Powershell

If you guys already have your hands on Windows 7 and the server part Server 2008 R2, you may have noticed there are a few enhancements in GP. One of those is the PowerShell support you can use. The team has set up a blog posting on this: It’s time to seriously look at [...]

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