Mike thinks ‘AD is fun’

You probably have heard that I became a member of the “Geek network” last year. Eric and Mike responded to a few of my blog postings (correcting my faults and discussing my thoughts) and introduced me to their circle of fine men of AD knowledgable people.

It’s fun discussing and sharing thoughts and idea with them and learning so so much.

Mike has his own AD blog now: http://adisfun.blogspot.com called “AD is fun” (well, “now” means April this year). You can learn from him too now and I encourage you to follow his blog and subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed.

Eric, when is yours coming up? :-)

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  1. Eric on May 31st, 2009

    I’m just queuing the entries up right now, not sure of the actual launch date. When I do launch it though, just keep an eye out for ADisReallyFun.blogspot.com ;)


  2. Mike Kline on June 1st, 2009

    Thanks Florian!!

    It is great having one of the top guys in our group. We learn a lot from you and I think you and Brian Desmond are hands down the best AD guys 25 and under in the world. You can cover Europe and Brian can cover the USA.

    I need to get some more entries up. There are so many good blogs, hopefully I can add some good entries this summer.

    I agree about Eric…hey Eric, where is your blog :)

    Talk to you later