How can I turn off error reporting in Windows?

You know the popup which annoys you any time ran into a problem and hung?

To disable the error reporting, you can use two Group Policies:

CompConf\Adm Templ\System\Internet Communication Manager\Internet Communication Settings\ – “Turn off Windows Error Reporting” is used to shut down the error reporting feature (if you enable it).

CompConf\Adm Templ\System\Error Reporting\ – “Display Error Notification” - this is the one which can be used to turn off the notification about “send an error report”.

To turn error reporting completely off, it is sufficient to enable “Turn off Windows Error Reporting” (the first policy). People will not be annoyed by error reporting windows any more. Reports won’t be sent in any case – it’s turned off.

If you simply want to get the user notification away but send Microsoft a detailed error report about what happened, you can leave the “Turn off Windows Error Reporting” policy alone and set “Display Error Notification” to disable. Your people will not be annoyed by the windows any more but Windows will send an error report automatically to Microsoft.

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